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Re: ffs can't find superblock

> # dd if=/dev/sd1a of=/dev/sd0a
> dd: /dev/sd0a: Read-only file system

> # dd if=/dev/rsd1a of=/dev/rsd0a
> dd: /dev/rsd0a: Read-only file system

These are almsot certainly the "you can't write over the disklabel"
protection, at least if sd0a begins at the beginning of sd0.  I'd
suggest moving sd0a at least 64 sectors in from the beginning of the
disk (this may mean making sd0 a little bigger; fortunately, you said
this was a VM, so that's feasible).

> My questions: is there any difference data-wise between using the raw
> or block devices?

Not for this purpose, I think.

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