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keyboard layout on MacBook Pro (late 2009)


i've a Problem with NetBSD 5.0.1 i386 on a MacBook pro (late 2009). Installed 
the minimal System on a virtual i386 system, running in Suns Virtual Box. 
Everything runs fine. I'm able to login and connect to internet, but the 
keyboard doesn't gave me a lot of characters like 

        |, Ää, Öö, Üü

and others are on different keys. Try to set the keyboard layout with 

        wsconsctl -k -w encoding=de

which gave me the right encoding, but I still miss the special characters in 
console on the right keys. The mismatch in characters on the keyboard and the 
characters or function behavior in the console (sh) seems to be a problem with 
the right keyboard layout or driver? I'm not so experienced in Unix on console, 
to figure this out alone. I would appreciate any help, link or comment to solve 
this problem.


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