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Re: Installing NetBSD on Intel US15W SCH

On 01/04/2010 03:58 PM, John R. Shannon wrote:
On 01/03/10 10:16, Christophe Marchal wrote:
On 01/03/2010 03:05 PM, John R. Shannon wrote:
On 01/02/10 16:07, Pjoter wrote:


did you try current maybe? Which version of NetBSD do you use?


It was not in current when I tried it a few weeks ago.

Support is in Linux and FreeBSD.

Thank you John. Is the support in NetBSD planned for the next release ?

I was able to install OpenBSD 4.6. Apparently, the solid state disk (SSD) I purchased for this project was bad; this install is on a normal laptop drive.

Now, I'm unsure whether my problem with NetBSD current was due to the driver or SSD.

I updated NetBSD and compiled it but it stops during the boot at the same step as before. I will compile NetBSD with verbose options to have more information.
Thanks for your help.


PS: Here is a screenshot of the monitor http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2682/4257661202_2e4fe252da_b_d.jpg

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