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Re: i386 PAE support (Patches)

On 01/04/10 18:46, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
what issue with ptoa() did you see ? I understand how bad trucating to
vaddr_t here can be, but it's not an issue with Xen so I wonder why
it's needed in the native case.
To me it looks like ptoa() is used on both physical and virtual addresses
or size, and in some case to compute a virtual address/size from a
physical one (like in uvm_init_limits() or proc0_init()).
A closer look is probably needd here.

Yes, it is the use of ptoa() on integer values (frame number, for example), which could be higher than 1M with PAE.

The problem is encountered in pmap, and some drivers, with ptoa() used on variables like physmem, with a potential overflow when physical memory is greater than 4GiB.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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