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Re: Can't boot P1 with -current CD

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 10:30:43AM +1000, Ray Phillips wrote:
 I've tried to boot a P1 using a CD made from the boot-com.iso file
 from NetBSD/i386 -current, CVS updated on 13 March 2009, but it
 didn't get a far as running sysinst.  I presume even new versions of
 NetBSD/i386 are supposed to run on machines of this vintage?

Yes, of course. The fpa driver, however, seems to be pretty broken. If
you drop to the boot prompt, then boot -c and remove fpa* you might get

Thanks Martin, running 'boot -c' and then 'disable fpa' did allow it to boot and run sysinst. (I didn't go as far as installing NetBSD though.)

Please file a PR!

I have.


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