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Re: flash and pulseaudio (libflashsupport-pulse)

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

Christoph Egger wrote:
David Brownlee wrote:
    I'm tried adobe-flash-plugin and ns-flash in firefox3 and
    neither produce any sound output with libflashsupport-pulse,
    but both see to work fine with libflashsupport.

    This is netbsd-5 i386, latest pkgsrc and everything built
    with PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS=pulseaudio

    Is anyone else seeing similar?
Works for me, are you sure you are running the sound server?

What shows 'mixerctl -a' ? Maybe azalia(4) doesn't provide proper
names for ossaudio.

That doesn't matter, it still uses /emul/linux/dev/dsp for playback.

# pgrep -lf pulse
743 /usr/pkg/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog
1136 /usr/pkg/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog

but... looks like a dbus issue:

# grep pulse /var/log/messages
Mar 11 19:36:11 onyx pulseaudio[1061]: core.c: failed to allocate shared memory 
pool. Falling back to a normal memory pool.
Mar 11 19:36:14 onyx pulseaudio[1061]: module-console-kit.c: 
GetSessionsForUnixUser() call failed: 
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: Failed to execute program 
/usr/pkg/libexec/dbus-daemon-launch-helper: Undefined error: 0
Mar 11 19:36:14 onyx pulseaudio[1061]: module.c: Failed to load  module 
"module-console-kit" (argument: ""): initialization failed.
Mar 11 19:36:14 onyx pulseaudio[1061]: main.c: Module load failed.
Mar 11 19:36:14 onyx pulseaudio[1061]: main.c: Failed to initialize daemon.
Mar 11 19:36:38 onyx pulseaudio[1136]: main.c: High-priority scheduling enabled 
in configuration but not allowed by policy.

I have a similar /usr/pkg/libexec/dbus-daemon-launch-helper error with
dhcpcd-gtk... :/

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