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Re: HEADS UP: Framebuffer console support on x86

On 2/16/09, Jared D. McNeill <jmcneill%invisible.ca@localhost> wrote:
> Hey folks --
>  I have added support to the x86 bootloader for VESA BIOS extensions. With a
> new bootloader and -current kernel that includes genfb(4) you can now select
> between VGA text and raster console modes in biosboot on both i386 and
> amd64. This functionality obsoletes vesafb(4) which is i386-only.
>  VBE modes are configured with the new 'vesa' command. Usage, when present:
>     * vesa {modenum|modestr}
>       Enable specific VBE mode. The mode can be specified either as a
>       VBE mode number (eg. 0x101) or as a string (eg. 800x600x16).
>     * vesa {enabled|disabled}
>       Enable / disable linear framebuffer, default mode is 640x480x8.
>       May be changed in the future to determine mode based on VBE/DDC
>       where available.
>     * vesa list
>       List modes supported by the firmware that meet the following
>       criteria:
>         * linear framebuffer
>         * packed pixel or direct colour mode
>  This can be automated as well with boot.cfg; I have in mine:
>     menu=Boot NetBSD:vesa 1280x800;boot netbsd
>     menu=Boot NetBSD (VGA):boot netbsd
>  Please let me know if I broke anything.

My eee 701 works with 640x480x8 and 640x480x32 after I updated my
kernel with genfb and wsdisplay* at wsemuldisplaydev? and updated


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