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Re: no ndis* at cardbus?

jnemeth%victoria.tc.ca@localhost said:
>      Um CardBus PC Card (the correct name for a "cardbus card") is
> defined by PCMCIA.  PCMCIA also defines ExpressCard. 

Yes, this was a typo.
PICMG is related though because they define CompactPCI and ATCA.

>     CardBus (note that the "B" is supposed to be capitalised) is
> essentially hotswap PCI

There are already 2 different PCI hotswap standards I know of,
the one by PCISIG and CompactPCI hotswap by PICMG. I didn't
look at details (don't have the hardware anyway) but afaict
they are completely independant, and more complex than what
CardBus does - at least as far as the power switching process
is concerned. (CardBus adds the CIS stuff instead.)
ATCA will be different again. We should keep that modular.
There is no reason to have any hotswap related code in
a kernel for an embedded board. And we could load it as a module.

>     It's on my project list to do something about this.  Right now,
> 16-bit PC Card (commonly known as "PCMCIA") is broken

You mean the "fixed address" thing, or is there more? At least
wdc@pcmcia works for me.
What has always been completely broken is a PCMCIA controller
(well, "PC Card", probably also CardBus) behind a PCI-PCI bridge.

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