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Re: Why is Desktop NetBSD a threat to NetBSD?

I see some concern in this thread about the availability of resources
to do this project, as if it's going to be a detriment to the rest of
the OS. Why is this such a conern? Isn't it possible that this project
might spawn new interest and help?

I also see some concern about the fragility of NetBSD as a whole if
this desktop thing doesn't work out. Why the concern? I doubt any of
the people already using NetBSD, or the people who use it for it's
classic strengths are going to be put off by a less than perfect
desktop project, are they?

Changing the base OS is a real concern, I will agree. But I'm just not
sure if it's a huge concern. Hopefully that will be done with care, as
I think most things have been done in the past.


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