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Re: Why is Desktop NetBSD a threat to NetBSD ? <netbsd-desktop-manager>

On Sun, 8 Feb 2009, kamel derouiche wrote:

I work on application of Desktop which call "NetBSD-Desktop-Manager". The idea inspired by various 
developpement and research project, The basic idea of this work is to unify the proper philosophy of NetBSD,, 
has to know "admin-freindly" and "user-freindly".
Moreover , project idea is based on o work done by "Jan Schaumann: 
http://2004.eurobsdcon.org/uploads/media/EBSD04_19.pdf";, which talk about the 
distribution of desktop.

This application is developed by write:
Python,Vala,NetBSD Syscall.

among my objectif:

- The configuration of "boot", oriented-user terminology
- The configuration of GNOME desktip, Include (NetBSD Wallpapers, screenhost
- The configuration of the basic security of the system-desktop or 
- high dependecy of NetBSD userland.

The Project still on study

        Sounds interesting. Let us know how it goes!
        Have you considered having the primary interface be via http, so
        it could be configured via firefox/elinks etc?

                David/absolute       -- www.NetBSD.org: No hype required --

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