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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help


On Sat, Feb 07, 2009 at 12:00:03AM +0000, Andrew Doran wrote:
 > [desktop stuff]

While all that is a fine idea in principle, I'm worried that in
practice it's going to end up being another large-scale effort to
reinvent the mistakes of the Linux world.


If you are going to use Gnome or any existing desktop you are
automatically going to  borrow from the mistakes of the Linux world. (
Would like to exclude XFCE from this personally :D)

I used to play DVDs, videos and audio files from cmdline console  for
many years on my linuxfromscratch setup ( I was an anti-GUI person).
Why not just add well written drivers for all audio cards out there,
some hi-res console framebuffer and a multimedia player app that will
play 720p HD video besides DVDs  (upscale using ffmpeg?) and leave it
there? ( dunno if thats technically possible, or of the suggestion is
technically stupid - my apologies if it is so... ). I just setup my
linux console to use 1440x1080 res with vesa mode, so I am guessing
atleast 720p should be possible ... ? The linux console alsamixer  app
for example is pretty good. Similar console based apps for playing
videos will satisfy most netbsd users I am guessing. This way netbsd
can stay clean from the proprietory ATI/NVIDIA BLOBs and still provide
a graphics experience where it matters. what gets left out here is a
graphical browser, and ability to play youtube flash videos (requires
flash blob anyways so leave it out). I was never able to run links
console browser in graphical mode as far as I remember.

Just my two cents.
Kind  Regards
[Gobbledegook for IT pros!!]

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