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Re: Two NetBSDs: from Desktop NetBSD needs your help

(Sorry for the many cross-posts. I moved some to Bcc.)

I don't see this as any division. I don't see it changing the core or the 
base of NetBSD other than maybe adding features that are applicable for 
both sides (minimal and desktop). If the Desktop BSD project proposes to 
bloat the kernel or base, we can discuss that.

I see "Desktop NetBSD" a little like PC-BSD or Desktop BSD which are 
layers built on-top of FreeBSD. Well, PC-BSD does have its own package 
system (PBI). DesktopBSD uses FreeBSD's package system.

As for me, I prefer some minimalism as I use low-powered systems. But I 
also want to be able to use NetBSD as the base with very little 
administration on my part for other's computers.

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