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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help

Hello Matthew,

   MS> Because NetBSD -is already- a viable desktop
     > platform, your assumption is already false.

    It sounds as though your assumption about my assumption
is false. NetBSD has been my primary desktop OS for the past
ten years. I'm willing to put up with what's missing because
NetBSD happens to be my favorite operating system.

   MS> It might also surprise you to learn that linux runs
     > on non-pc hardware, as do versions of mac os and
     > windows.

    That doesn't surprise me, but Linux for a headless SPARC
-server, evb or VAX is going to look quite different from a
desktop PC distro.  NetBSD has the advantage of a consistent
user interface across its ports.

  > we are not interested in debating the essential merits
  > of the project.

I missed that part.

  MS> Here's a counter-argument- by not making the desktop
    > experience as easy as another operating system, NetBSD
    > is assuming what you -won't- be doing with a host,
    > which is just as bad.

    That doesn't make sense because as you pointed out at
the start of your reply, NetBSD can, in its current form, be
used as the foundation for a desktop system.

- Andy Ball.

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