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Re: Desktop audio on NetBSD

David Brownlee wrote:
    Whats the current recommended way of handling audio from desktop
    applications in NetBSD, such that they can usefully share the
    output audio device?

    pulseaudio looks interesting, particularly with the
    availability of multimedia/libflashsupport-pulse

Hi David --

I have used the following with pulseaudio:

  native pulseaudio applications
  flash 9 and 10 (with libflashsupport-pulse)
  esound clients (wine, etc)
  alsa applications with the pulse sink
  oss applications (via padsp)
  any gstreamer application with gst-plugins0.10-pulse
  libao applications with libao-pulse
  mplayer, vlc
  xine with xine-pulse
  bmp with bmp-pulse

Notably missing from this list is ekiga; there is no pulse support in ptlib, but the next major release of ekiga will include gstreamer support so hopefully this will no longer be an issue.


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