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Confused about HAL for GNOME


I'm trying to build meta-pkgs/gnome from the current pkgsrc, but I'm having the most trouble with HAL, which several programs seem to depend on (e.g. gnome-control-center and gnome-power-manager).

HAL fails to install on my machine, and I'm trying to figure out how things worked before a few days ago, when pkgsrc.se seems to indicate that HAL was added to pkgsrc [1]. I suspect I'm misinterpreting the site, but it seems to suggest that the package was added on the 23rd of this month.

I suspect HAL may compile successfully with a version prior to the recent updates, and I would guess the dependencies would also work with a slightly older version. Is there any way, with CVS, to bring just this package to the previous version before I make and install it?

Alternatively, maybe a better solution is to add the binary package for 4.0.1 (which I'm running) of HAL. The packages that depend on HAL would then be satisfied, correct?

I apologize if I'm posting this to the wrong place; I'm a NetBSD beginner.

Jeff Wheeler

[1] http://pkgsrc.se/sysutils/hal

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