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Re: wm problem, the dmesg output

On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 04:32:01PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> > pci6: i/o space, memory space enabled
> > wm2 at pci6 dev 0 function 0: Intel PRO/1000 PT (82571EB), rev. 6
> > wm2: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 16, event channel 3
> > wm2: PCI-Express bus
> > wm2: 65536 word (16 address bits) SPI EEPROM
> > wm2: Ethernet address 00:15:17:6d:4b:ae
> > igphy0 at wm2 phy 1: Intel IGP01E1000 Gigabit PHY, rev. 0
> > igphy0: 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, 1000baseT, 
> > 1000baseT-FDX, auto
> I think I've the same chip in a box at work but I can't check right now
> (it's not a remotely-accessible system). Your issue could be wrong interrupt
> routing, or not enough nmbclusters

Thanks for the reply.  I got timeout errors in the log:

wm2: device timeout (txfree 4024 txsfree 0 txnext 72)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4028 txsfree 0 txnext 68)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4025 txsfree 0 txnext 71)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4032 txsfree 0 txnext 64)

and after a while, it complained about nmbcluster shortage, but I think that
was caused by the wm transmit problem.

How can I check if interrupt routing works?  (This is a production system
which should stay up all the time, but I want to get the additional Ethernet
ports working, too..)


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