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Re: bootable disk: how?

>> machdep.diskinfo: 80:17921834(1023/255/63),2  wd0 sd0:80

Doh!  I've just realized this is meaningless.  When booting from sd0, I
have to disable wd0 in the BIOS (by forcing that IDE interface to
"None"), or sd0 becomes D: instead of C:, making it harder to boot
from.  So, when booted from sd0, of *course* wd0 isn't present in the
BIOS disk list.

I've tried the "stamp on the beginning of the disk, then use the 4.0
installer" trick, and now the complaint from fdisk is gone - even when
booted from sd0 and thus with wd0 disabled in the BIOS.  Over the next
day or two I should be able to tell whether it's bootable on the
machines of interest.

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