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Re: Attaching piixide device before pdcsata device

Hi Dieter,

The motherboards we use have piixide devices.
The problem with hardwiring the devices is, on some of the motherboards, the primary drive is detected as wd1. This occurs even though the primary drive is the only installed drive in the system and installed on SATA port 0.
As you can imagine, this is proving to be quite frustrating.



dieter roelants wrote:
On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 09:08:05 +0200
Selvan <selvany%cat.co.za@localhost> wrote:

Hi Brian,

I have tried hard-wiring the kernel just as you've described.
The problem with this is, we use various types of motherboards and on some of these motherboards, the primary drive is detected as wd1 if the kernel is hard-wired. Because of the variations in unit setup, the ideal solution for us is not to change the fstab file or the kernel configuration file but rather to have the on-board drives detected and mapped first before the drives on the Promise card.

Do all these motherboards have onboard piixide devices? Maybe you can
hardwire atabus entries to piixide entries and then also hardwire wd
devices to them?

Kind regards



Selvan Naidoo
Cathexis Technologies

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