Subject: Re: port-i386-specific ioapic interrupt issues in 4.0_BETA2?
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: port-i386
Date: 06/03/2007 01:28:20
In article <>,
Christopher SEKIYA  <> wrote:
>I've been seeing rather frustrating interrupt lossage under 4.0_BETA2 on one
>of my machines, and I think that I've narrowed it down to an issue with
>handling interrupts routed via ioapic.
>This machine was originally an AMD64 MSI-K8MM3 with an off-board twa and re,
>running GENERIC.MP and amd64 port.  Although this configuration was quite
>stable, I needed to run the FreeBSD 3ware management tools and thus migrated
>to the i386 port with the GENERIC.MP kernel.
>Soon thereafter, the machine would hang during heavy disk i/o.  I replaced
>the motherboard with a VIA VT-310DP (dual CPU, three onboard NICs -- vge, vr,
>fxp).  Not only did the disk hangs continue, but I started noticing
>intermittent network watchdog timeouts on all three interfaces.
>Dropping to ddb worked.  bt showed nothing past the serial console interrupt
>handler.  Reboot/sync spun forever.
>Removing ioapic support from the kernel returned the machine to stability.
>Should I file a PR?

Yes, definitely.