Subject: Re: NetBSD-RELEASE-2.1 bugs
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/20/2005 00:32:47
In article <001901c5ed66$5c7c8a40$0202a8c0@home>,
David <> wrote:
>Hi, all.
>I've installed an i386/NetBSD-RELEASE-2.1 and it seem there's some bugs
>1/ I booted it with the LAPTOP kernel install and all the distribution were
>on a NTFS partition. When the installer tryed to extract the packages I got
>many archive corruptions, I tryed by hand, idem. Then I transfered the
>*same* files to a MSDOS partition and no problem occurs.

NTFS does not work for write.

>2/ Under /dev I did a ./MAKEDEV all and I got many errors :
>/dev: create/symlink failed, no inodes free
>/netbsd: uid 0, pid 1234, command mknod, on /dev:out of inodes
>mknod: device: No space left on device
>I see /dev is mounted on mfs (mfs:15 on /dev type mfs(synchonous, local))
>and I don't know where I can allocate more room for it.
>3/ When NetBSD boot it complain about "warning: no /dev/console" but the
>/dev/console is still there and functional...

Yes, because after the kernel finds that there is no /dev/console it mounts
an mfs and creates devices there. Since your root filesystem is msdos, there
is no easy way in msdos to represent devices, so you cannot have a persistent
/dev as long as you insist on using msdosfs.

>4/ There're some "generic" devices staying in place in /dev but all new one
>created are lost on reboot, maybe du to mfs.

Read above.

>5/ I compiled a custom kernel with ACPI, it boot ok but the keyboard pckbc0,
>detetected by ACPI is not working, but the system run. (by now I use ACPI
>just for power/sleep button)

I don't know what the problem is with that...

To fix your device problem, I suggest that you partition some space using ffs,
or if you don't like that, use vnconfig on a file on msdos to create a device,
then format that device using ffs, and then use that for your /dev. It would
be nice if vnconfig was in /sbin so all that could be automated.