Subject: porting to a tablet pc
To: None <>
From: Marshall Rose <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/06/2002 11:19:03
i'm thinking of getting one of the tablet pc, but would naturally want to run
netbsd on it. there about 5 models out there now, and although the exteriors
look different, it all pretty much comes down to a pentium3.

so, here's a few basic questions for folks who understand this stuff far better
than i:

1. usually, i build bootlap1/bootlap2 floppies and boot from those, using an
ethernet/dhcp/etc. to do the heavy-lifting.

none of these devices have an internal floppy, so i guess my question is: if i
attach a usb-floppy to the device, what's the liklihood that the bios is going
to see that and give me the opportunity to boot from it?

if the answer is slim/none, then how do folks suggest i get the netbsd loader
into the thing?

2. what kind of issues should i expect to run into with xfree86? i don't mind
doing some coding, but i'd like to understand the landscape. speaking of which,
most of these tabets have a button that let you toggle between
landscape/portrait mode...

thanks for the basics,