Subject: Re: 386sx w/ 3 megs of ram...
To: Chameleon <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/23/2000 01:46:09
Chameleon wrote:
> this is a pretty bad question... but i'll ask it anyway...
> i have a 386 sx laptop with 3 megs or ram on it...
> and i want to install a BSD on it...
> does anyone know if an older version of netbsd will work on it??
> thanks

I'm running a 386 w/4Mb RAM with 1.4.2 as a router/DHCP server/secondary
DNS/syslog server.  It runs these quite reliably I might add.  Of
course, I had to minimize the size of the buffer cache (NBUF & BUFPAGES)
and strip down the kernel as GENERIC wouldn't even boot in 4Mb.  

I don't how much longer this 386 will be able to track the current
releases.  My understanding is that like most other software projects,
the kernel is getting significantly bigger and bigger in each release.

//Jesse Off