Subject: Re: RealVideo player
To: Oleg Polyanski <>
From: Daniel Bair <>
List: port-i386
Date: 06/29/1999 07:54:01
Where can you get the Linux version of G2?
Their page only lets you download 5.0.


Oleg Polyanski wrote:

> >>>>> "LS" == Laine Stump writes:
> LS> Does anyone know if Real Networks plans to release a G2 player for Linux?
> LS> Or have they decided to drop support for everything but Mac and Windows?
>         real networks already released linux version of g2 player. this
>         player works MUCH better than rvplayer 5.0. i recommend you forget
>         about the old one.
>         installation is very simple (i even installed it from rpm packege, it
>         installed into  `/usr/bin'   but  i  decided  to forget  about   that
>         crime. may be i will try to reinstall with relocated root directory):
>         - install linux emulation   package   or setup your existing    linux
>           installation  (for example, i  just  mounted linux partition   over
>           `/emul/linux');
>         - start realplayer.
> p.s.  "much better"  means  that it  requires  much  less cpu  resources  and
> (finally) writes to `/dev/dsp'  with chunks larger than one  byte. i have two
> seti@home  clients  working  in background (load   average  is about  3 on my
> p2-350) and they don't affect on real video playing  (300 kbps).