Subject: Re: genrsa freezes in openssl running NetBSD 1.3K
To: None <>
From: Ben Laurie <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/03/1999 15:31:23
Alicia da Conceicao wrote:
> Further update...
> The "genrsa" freeze that occurs with openssl 0.9.2b, also occurs with the
> lastest snapshot of openssl, which is SNAP-19990402.  In addition, also with
> both openssl 0.9.2b and with SNAP-19990402, "make test" goes all the way to
> the "rsa_oaep_test" without errors, then freezes at that RSA test.
> This occurs on ix86 computers running NetBSD version 1.3K (> 1.3.3).
> Ironically, on the same computers running the older NetBSD version 1.3.3,
> genrsa works great and does not freeze.  In addition, when one moves the
> openssl binary compiled under NetBSD 1.3.3 to a NetBSD 1.3K machine, then
> that genrsa still works on 1.3K.  While, when one moves the openssl binary
> compiled under NetBSD 1.3K to a NetBSD 1.3.3 machine, then that genrsa still
> freezes under NetBSD 1.3.3.
> So there is something different between NetBSD 1.3K and the older NetBSD
> 1.3.3 that causes a faulty build of openssl under 1.3K and a successful
> build under 1.3.3.  A comparison between the two builds would indicate
> no differences from "config", so the difference would appear to be at
> the compile level.

Eh? The results you quote above mean precisely the opposite: the build
is fine on either machine. The problem occurs at runtime.

My first suggestion is that you make it dump core when it freezes and
then show us a stack backtrace.




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