Subject: Re: Linux Star Office 4.0 with Service Pack 3
To: None <>
From: Mario Kemper <>
List: port-i386
Date: 01/29/1999 17:14:42
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> Greetings:

Soffice 4.0 runs, but very unstable.
Soffice 4.0sp3 runs too, but its tricky to install.
Soffice 5.0 does'nt run as we don't have a clone()-call in linux-emu.

AFAIK the FreeBSD-folks have a patch script for So4.0sp3
Here's the procedure for doing this by hand:

Complete procedure for Network Installation:
(Network means that you install everything as root and after that
every user can do his own install where only some links are created in 
the home dir)

as root:

1. Extract Archive

2. Replace /proc/%u/cmdline in setup.bin with /proc/10/cmdline
   (use Emacs in hexl-mode or somethin similar)

3. Create /emul/linux/proc/10/ (I assume you have everything else for
   the linux emulation installed)

4. Create /emul/linux/proc/10/cmdline with the following contents:
   setup.bin^@/NET^@^@ (^@ represents the decimal number 0)

5. start setup and install everything
   If you did everything right, no registration dialog should appear
   after installation.

6. change /emul/linux/proc/10/cmdline to "setup.bin^@^@"

7. in path_to_Soffice/lib/libsal.364 change /proc/%u/cmdline to 
   /emul/linux/proc/10/ like in (2.)

as user:

8. Start path_to_Soffice/bin/setup from your home dir and select
   Network Installation.

Note: If you don't want to do a network installation but want to do a
complete install as user then omit 4. and 5. and do 7. after 8.

This is a real hack and will become very ugly when more programs
schould start to use proc/PID/cmdline. But i haven't seen any other
linux program doing such a nonsense. And because Soffice4-sp3 is much
more stable than the old Soffice4 it justifies the work.

P.S.: I'm always open for a better and more elegenat solution to this problem.

Mario Kemper