Subject: Re: machine crashed, dumped, and is now *hosed*
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/06/1997 23:04:21

> >	Hmm.. you should be able to get back the first netbsd partition by
> >	just setting up a large 'a' partition covering the first 600mb
> >	and then trying to 'fsck -n' it (if it looks good, do the real
> >	fsck).
> given that the filesystem structure on this disk was something like
> partition_1 ~600m netbsd
> 			wd0a ??? /
> 			wd0b ??? sw
> 			wd0e ??? /usr
> 			wd0f ??? /tmp
> partition_2 ~100m dos
> partition_3 ????m linux
> partition_4 ----- extended partition
> partition_5 ????m linux
> partition_6 ????m linux
> partition_7 ????m linux
> partition_8 ????m linux
> i would imagine that i need to do something other than just use
> disklabel?  or am i wrong?  thor set this up originally when he was
> testing his cd install.
	Disklabel should enable you to get back the NetBSD partitions...
	the linux partitions might be more complex - though you can
	probably try a similar procedure from within linux. (No doubt
	this is stuff you already know). Can you ask thor?:)

> >	After that all I could suggest is guessting the start of the
> >	next partition.. hmm, if you can determine the magic number
> >	at the start of the a partition you should be able to search
> >	/dev/rsdXc until you find another one...
> something like that, yes.  i was expecting to just do this from
> scratch...

	Good luck... :/

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