Subject: Re: Serial brokeness.
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 06/18/1996 14:51:47
"Phil Knaack" writes:
>Dustin Sallings wrote:
>>	Tried local and softcar, still don't get a login prompt.  That's
>>the thing I don't get.  Kermit will talk to the terminal or the HP200LX
>is still in a static bag at the bottom of a pile of boxes.
>	Once its out of its cocoon I can tell you how its set..
>[1] Its not entirely headless, as the bootblocks don't seem to work with
>    -DSERIAL. Is anybody currently using -DSERIAL in their bootblocks?

Yeppers, spent this weekend figuring it out. You need to assert
CTS/RTS or whatever on the port for it to work (at least on our 
machines.. Intel MB 120 MHz Pentiums)--even though the kernel boots
fine without the handshake, the bootblocks still seem to require 
this (anyone want to "fix" this, perhaps with an #ifdef? My
own knowledge of i386 assembly is inadequate (thankfully?)...)
I pulled out the soldering iron and connected pin 4 from the terminal
to pins 5 and 6 on the PC side (DB25--there's a DB9/DB25 converter
thrown in there and a null modem too...)


NetBSD 1.1B NetBSD 1.1B (HEADLESS) #4: Sun Jun 16 01:57:27 PDT 1996 i386