Subject: Re: can't install 1.1 on scsi disk
To: Jeffrey Wheat <jeff@CetLink.Net>
From: Irving Reid <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/21/1995 11:36:27
This isn't really a current-users question; more like port-i386...

>  	I'm attempting to install NetBSD 1.1 on a seagate st12550n scsi
>  disk. I'm using an adaptec 1540CF controller. What my problems are exactly
>  is that I can format the drive to full capacity under NetBSD by itself, but
>  when I attempt to install a dos partition, I run into snags. The disk will
>  let me create a dos partition up to 1024 meg. I want a 700 meg dos partition
>  and the rest for NetBSD. I tried to use pfdisk and it will report the drive
>  geometry as 1023 64 32. NetBSD reports it as 2708 19 81. 

This really needs to go in the installation notes.

To use both DOS and NetBSD on a single large drive, both must use the 
same drive geometry.  What you need to do is create the partition using 
pfdisk and the DOS geometry numbers (1023 64 32).  When the NetBSD 
install asks for the disk geometry, give it the DOS numbers (1023 64 32 
or whatever) instead of the "real" numbers reported by the kernel at 
boot time.

 - irving -