Subject: Re: building a new kernel
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/24/1995 13:38:01
>Would/could someone give me the location of a document to tell me how to
>build a new kernel? I have all the ?src10.?? files. I couldn't make enough
>sense of the man pages for make to do it myself. I want to add support for
>my Mitsumi cdrom, and my sound card that isn't autoconfiguring. Also I would
>like to some day bring the system up to current. But for that I'll need to
>know first how to build and install a new kernel, then upgrade to current.

It's not that hard.

1) cd /sys/arch/i386/conf
2) create a config file for your machine (I call mine AZATHOTH)
3) config AZATHOTH
4) cd ../compile/AZATHOTH
5) make depend && make
6) mv /netbsd /onetbsd && cp netbsd /netbsd
7) reboot.

If you need more detail, see the 386BSD FAQ.

What soundcard do you have?  The audio drivers have come a long way
since 1.0.
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