Subject: IDE Mitsumi CRMC-FX400 CD-ROM
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul Wilkinson <>
List: port-i386
Date: 06/28/1995 13:04:42
The hardware is a Dell P75 with a WD 2540F drive on the enhanced IDE bus
and a Mitsumi CRMC-FX400 quad speed CD-ROM drive on the IDE bus. The SVGA
colour controller is on the PCI bus.

I've booted and installed the basic NetBSD using both the straight
1.0 floppies and the NetBSD-current 10A floppies, in the latter case
I also installed the netbsd.GENERIC kernel.

In both cases NetBSD cannot talk to the CD-ROM.

Running the netbsd.GENERIC kernel I get :- 

----- stuff deleted ----

       sea0 board type unknown at address 0xf827c000

       mcd0: timeout in getresult
       mcd0: timeout in getresult
       mcd0: timeout in getresult

----- stuff deleted ----

Looking through the mail archives I notice other people have experienced
similar problems but it's not obvious to me how it's resolved leaving me
with access to the CD-ROM.

This would be extremely useful as I have the BSDisc with the apparently
incomplete NetBSD-1.0 release on it from which I would like to extract
the full installation (well, partially full installation).

I too had install nuke my DOS partition table and wonder if the help
and advice offered to the other sufferers of this misfortune has been
collected together into a single document.

I think my mistake was to provide the NetBSD install with the real
disk geometry while DOS had a different view, I also noticed that
on the first pass, install did not ask before :-

    ...overwriting disk with DOS partition label (n):

What has actually been splattered and can I recover, if the corruption
occurred while writing the label would it be possible to recreate the
DOS partition table and regain access to the DOS partition, that is
assuming the NetBSD file system creation used the offset and missed
the DOS partition.

Thanks for any help and/or advice,