Subject: bugfix for NetBSD/i386 AFS port, updated copyright notices (rev 1.16)
To: None <, current-users@NetBSD.ORG, port-i386@NetBSD.ORG,>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 02/10/1995 10:15:40
I've placed a new version of the MIT binary distribution of AFS 3.3 for
NetBSD into the afs-contrib area
(/afs/  This is
version 1.16.  As usual, contact your site's AFS administrator to get
access to these files (access is restricted to sites licensed for the
AFS client code).

This release fixes a serious bug in the i386 version--it would crash on
i386 processors (it was inadvertently compiled to use i486
instructions), and includes an updated MIT copyright notice on all

The following NetBSD ports are supported:

HP300/m68k4k:	compiled for 1.0 and -current
sparc:		compiled for 1.0 and -current
i386:		compiled for 1.0 and -current

If you have another NetBSD port for which you'd like AFS built, and can
provide network access to same, please contact me privately to see if we
can make porting arrangements.

The distributions themselves are constructed as a "package" (a stylized
compressed tar file with install script support).  You can fetch the
package tools: via FTP from either or (i386 binaries).

I've received the appropriate approval from MIT's legal staff to allow
distribution of build output trees and source differences to other
Transarc licensees.  A distribution will be put together soon, when my
(volunteer) time permits.  I will announce a source diff release when it
is prepared and ready for external use.  The source diffs will only be
available to Transarc source licensees.

MD5 hashes of this distribution:

0447436747d267549ade88c5e531e017  afs33-i386.README
1145de9dbd56c3feae6101fe5bde47c2  afs33-sparc.README
9935122e32eae80bce70845ed14a514c  afs33-m68k4k.README
32a1eb36cbfd9a2827f2f1468d1dcdc5  afs33-i386.1.16.tar.gz
21baf78d0252d7c301fbe4639218797a  afs33-m68k4k.1.16.tar.gz
2fa9e2753948c78a51a16c1b59c35b02  afs33-sparc.1.16.tar.gz

A BETSI certificate will be obtained shortly and placed with these files.