Subject: Re: Generic audio driver for NetBSD/i386
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: John Brezak <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/14/1994 19:43:53
> >It's just a UART, but it uses a weird bit rate: 31250 bps.  Also like
> >a regular UART, the MIDI port (at least on the PSS) cannot use DMA; so
> >expect some CPU loading.
> "Just a UART" he says! :-)
> Isn't it MC6850 UARTs?  I believe the documentation for the GUS says it behav
> like a 6850 in regards to programmable registers and stuff; no DMA and I don'
> believe those UARTs have a FIFO either :-(

I might have a "dumb" MIDI MPU-401 interface soon. Now this will get to the
external MIDI port. What is needed next is something to get the the dsp's
MIDI facilities - Yamaha, OPL, etc. Anyone know about these ? Should they
also be driver by the same "dumb" MPU interface ?

BTW- I've found a MIDI ap called "jazz" but it needs a X library package called
wxwin ( and Does anyone know where to find these ?
Archie draws a blank.

> >>have a generic ad1848 driver that can be shared between the pss and wss (an
> >>possible the new GUS). Also the CD rom port should be able to use the 'mcd'
> >
> >If I remember correctly the new GUS uses a Crystal Semiconductor
> >CS4231 codec (boo, hiss :), which is somewhat different from the '48.
> The documentation I have says it uses the CS4231 either (this is the SDK from
> Gravis, so I'd tend to believe it :-) ).

I'll try to put in the code for the CS4231 into ad1848.c before the next

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