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State of HP C-series support?

I've just been trying to install NetBSD on an HP C360, and have not
so far been able to get the kernel to boot all the way; it keeps
crashing during the hardware probe sequence.  (On the plus side,
the netboot loader works as advertised.)

I've tried several different release versions:

NetBSD 8.0: kernel panic during device scan
NetBSD HEAD as of 20181223: ditto
NetBSD 7.0.2: ditto, symptoms look a bit different though
NetBSD 6.0: ditto, symptoms look yet a bit different again
NetBSD 5.0: "panic: no kernel support for PA8000"

In 6.0 and up, I wind up at a kernel debugger prompt, but it
does not respond to the keyboard at all so I'm not sure about
how to investigate further.  In 8.0 and HEAD it looks like
after the initial panic there's some further crash in the
kernel debugger, leading to a bunch of output that causes the
original problem to scroll offscreen.

FWIW, OpenBSD 6.2 boots okay on this hardware, though they seem
to have broken their more recent releases :-(.

If anyone's interested in pursuing this, I'm happy to do what
I can to help.  I haven't done kernel-level work in decades
though, so don't expect a lot of skill ...

			regards, tom lane

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