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Re: jornada 690

On 05/28/18 11:23, John Klos wrote:

I found a jornada 690 and am trying to install netbsd on it. I have managed to boot the install kernel, but I'm not sure how to install the sets. I've tried too many things to list. The wiki while useful in getting me as far as I have doesn't work. When booting the kernel it complains about not being able to boot wd0a, etc, etc.


When you make the MS-DOS partition on the CF card, make it at least 250 megabytes, then copy the sets to that partition. You can then use the install kernel to mount the MS-DOS partition, then you can use the sets from there.


I did attempt this, and I can't remember what went wrong.  I may fall back to it though and try again.


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