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Re: Seeking hpcsh kernel binary with ep driver

Martin Carpenter wrote:

The subject pretty much says it all: I'm looking for a (preferably
recent) kernel image with the ep* devices enabled (for my 3Com 3c589D
pcmcia ethernet card in a Jornada 680). From what I see here:


and more recently here:


this once was the case for GENERIC, but from what I see here:


# PCMCIA network interfaces
mbe*    at pcmcia0 function ?           # MB8696x based Ethernet
ne*     at pcmcia0 function ?           # NE2000-compatible Ethernet
wi*     at pcmcia0 function ?           # Lucent/Intersil WaveLan IEEE (802.11)

# MII/PHY support

it is no longer so. (I wonder why not?).

I have a 4.0 kernel working on the Jornada, and it recognises the card
correctly, but of course it's "not configured". It seems a reasonable
bet that this card should work if I could just find a suitable binary.
(Otherwise I will be doomed to dig out the old disk that I have
somewhere, upgrade the NetBSD installation on it and put on my
cross-compiling hat).

Hi Martin --

I can confirm that the ep driver does work on hpcsh, as I have used it in the past on a Jornada 690. Let me setup a cross build environment for 4.0/hpcsh and I will get back to you shortly with a modified kernel that includes the ep driver.

Are there any other options you need while I'm here?


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