Subject: Re: kismet binpkg for hpcsh
To: port-hpcsh list <>
From: Adam Wysocki via ArcaBit <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 10/02/2006 13:47:58
2006-10-01 wrote:

> > In case someone's interested, I wrote a small but useful network stumbler
> > for Jornada.
> > 
> >
> Adam, can you tell us if your stumbler does anything that wistumbler2 doesn't?
> What are its features?

I didn't really used wistumbler2, but as far as I recall it didn't worked 
for me. It will be best if I simply paste README here.

Tiny NetBSD stumbler v1.1, (C) 2006 Adam Wysocki <gophi at>
Newest version:

1. Overview
2. Copyright
3. Brief description
4. Changelog
5. TODO and BUGS
6. Credits
7. Contact

1. Overview

This little piece of software is a tiny, but still useful wireless network 
stumbler. It was intented to run on Jornada 6x0 Series running the NetBSD 
hpcsh port, but should run fine on any BSD system. It was developed and 
tested using the Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card.

2. Copyright

This software is released under the public domain conditions. Feel free to 
do whatever you want with it, but if you manage to make some improvements, 
consider sending the patches to me - if they're good, I will include them 
in the next release and credit you in this file.

3. Brief description

Color shows the presence of AP and encryption (WEP).
- White: network was seen, but isn't seen now.
- Red:   network is seen and provides WEP encryption.
- Green: network is seen and lacks WEP encryption.

WEP is also shown on Chn field as a letter W. ESS is not shown simply 
because it's useless for me :)

Fields are self-explanatory I think, but just in case:
- No:       Number of this AP.
- FrstSeen: When this AP was first seen during this session.
- LastSeen: When this AP was last seen.
- BSS:      AP identifier (BSSID).
- Chn:      Channel, optionally prefixed with W to indicate WEP.
- Sig:      Signal value.
- SNR:      Signal to noise ratio.
- SSID:     Network name (SSID).

Tinystumbler logs all its activity into file specified in log.h (currently 
it's hardcoded to /home/gophi/tinystumbler.log, feel free to change :-)) 
which is periodically (every 10 messages, to be precise) flushed and synced 
onto the underlying medium (storage card).

Logging can be "disabled" by substituting /dev/null instead of logfile.

You can quit tinystumbler by pressing Ctrl-C. Don't worry, it will cause 
clean shutdown.

4. Changelog

2006-10-01 v1.1
- added red color
- added vertical scrolling
- removed ESS field
- better README
- better Makefile

2006-08-29 v1.0
- initial release

5. TODO and BUGS

- better vertical scrolling (now it works, but it's really a placeholder)
- when ap that had been scrolled out again appears on the list, it won't 
  be shown (should be corrected along with vertical scrolling)
- power control (driver supports it)
- ability to run a custom script with the selected network ssid as a 
  parameter (for example to connect to the network and obtain address 
  from dhcp)
- properly handle terminal size change (I don't really know what for)
- properly handle too long ssids
- some command-line options (logfile path and flush/sync interval, scan 
  interval, some card configuration options etc.)
- fix "make install" to install into /usr/local/bin and not / (bsd .mk 
  syntax is at least confusing)
- map BSSIDs to manufacturer names
- add sound (but finish j6x0 sound driver first :-))
- more user-friendly (and not programmer-friendly) messages
- move the whole thing onto some kind of version control system
- provide binary packages

6. Credits

- Pawel Janowski, who made some suggestions (mainly about the makefile) 
  that were included in v1.1.
- Sebastian Sosnowski, who suggested adding another color to distinguish 
  protected and unprotected (WEP) networks.

7. Contact

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at (in 
english or polish). Obviously replace # with @.

[ Adam Wysocki,, QTH: KO02MF, GSM: +48 514 710 213 ]
[ Software Research and Development Department, ArcaBit Sp. z o.o. ]
[ Ul. Fortuny 9, 01-339 Warszawa, Poland * ]