Subject: Re: hpcsh sound?
To: port-hpcsh list <>
From: wrzymski <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 01/24/2006 19:52:42
2006/1/24, Michael Wileman <>:
> Has anyone managed to get sound to work on a Jornada? Is this in the kern=
el, or
> abandoned?
> I'm not dreaming of playing mp3's, just to have a system beep when new ma=
> arrives.
> Mike
Linux people have sound for 6x0 and also some apm now, including
battery status (with wrong values). You can check current kernel with
this image Opie
works fine too, but this image is one big mess - Kernel 2.6.14,
modules 2.6.12 and no orinoco/hermes driver :-/