Subject: Re: Jornada 680 asks for "root device"
To: Nikos Ntarmos <>
From: Michael Wileman <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 06/25/2005 18:16:44
> On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 04:42:50PM -0400, Michael Wileman wrote:
>> When I boot using hpcboot, the booting process starts, until I get
>> wskbd2 at hpckbd0: console keyboard, using wsdisplay0
>> boot device: <unknown>
>> root device:
>> It doesn't seem to find my wd0a root setup.
> Can you provide the output of disklabel and fdisk and the dmesg 
> information for your cf card? There may be something wrong with your 
> partitioning.

I'm pretty sure the partitioning is correct, but I'll provide these 
later, just in case. They looked pretty much like the examples in the 
document, except for the sizes of the partitions. It's a pain to 
reboot my laptop with the netbsd-live CD, and I am just on my way out 
the door.

Is there a way to save the dmesg if the boot does not complete. I get 
stuck at that "root device" prompt, and the only way out gives me a 
hard reset, so everything is lost. I do not see any wd? messages in 
the startup, though.

>> I had assumed the kernel binary would automatically look for wd0.
> It does...
>> Do I have to recompile the kernel to recognize my CF card.
> Look at the boot messages. If you see something like:
> wd0 at atabus drive 0: <your cf disk model here>
> then your kernel does recognize your cf card.
> Hmmm... Now that I'm looking at my nada's dmesg, I see the wd0-related
> lines coming after wskbd-blah and before boot-device-blah, so you may
> actually have a problem with your CF, although rather improbable. BTW
> which cf card do you use?
>> Did anyone else here have this problem trying to install 2.0 on a
>> Jornada?
> Never tried with 2.0. I went straight for CURRENT (3.99.3 at the moment)
> on my 690 with great success[1]. You can grab a -current snapshot from
> and start from there. Alternatively, I can set up an
> ftp with the sets I compiled and use for my Jornada.

I'll try to download the CURRENt sets, but it'd be great if you could 
set up an ftp with a known working set just as a control. Contact me 
offlist if you like.

Btw, it's a Sandisk 512MB CF. Both the MSDOS and FFS partitions work 
fine when the card is plugged into the i386 machine. The MSDOS 
partition is perfectly accessible from WinCE. I'd hate to think this 
is a hardware problem.