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Re: Hpcboot bug (and workaround)

On Sat, Apr 30, 2005 at 04:40:14 +0200, Javi wrote:

> Another point I would like to ask, is that if it would be possible to
> use this bootloader to boot a linux kernel, becouse there is another
> project at www.jlime.com that has done great progress with this
> machine, but unfortunatetly, they lack a working bootloader for WinCE
> 2.0 version (there are son 620lx with 2.11 and it works on them) I
> have tried to boot several linux's kernels compiled from the sources
> of this project with your hpcboot200 without succes, I always get one
> of those address error when it boots, or it hangs the machine. So if
> I'm not asikng too much Could you try to make something to fix it and
> also get it working with linux kernels? I could make the tests on my
> machine and submit you the results if  needed.

Is linux kernel compatible with the way hpcboot loads it?  I'd say
it's the linux kernel for 620lx that should be modified to work with
hpcboot (unless there're genuine bugs in hpcboot, of course).

SY, Uwe
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