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Re: Xhpc, xmodmap and Xresources

On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 14:12:58 +0200, Martin Carpenter wrote:

> > $ grep -i 0xa3 8859-1.txt
> > 0xA3    0x00A3  #       POUND SIGN
> >
> > :)
> :) At least it looks like I'm on the right track. Thanks for your help, I'll
> keep pottering along.

It's strange that you see that 0xa3 (i.e. xterm seems to know about
the char, so the locale is probably correct), yet vi treats its

Can you check if it works in, e.g.

    $ od -bc

i.e. it is displayed correctly (od is there just to cross check).

> > Use XTerm*background and XTerm*foreground
> Aha, that's it! (I did say that I found this Xresources stuff a little
> baffling). Thanks.

That's not that bad.  Resources are like pathnames.  There's no
background property in XTerm.  Instead XTerm has two widgets, one for
vt100 and one for Tektronix emulation.  It's those widgets that have
this resource [hint: 1) search xterm(1) man page for "widget", 2) run
editres(1) to see the widget tree).

XTterm*background means that you are settting 'background' resource
for all widgets in XTerm (not only vt100, but tektronix as well).  The
star can match any number of widget hierarchy path components.  You
can be more specific with XTerm.VT100.background (doesn't affect
tektronix widget).

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