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Re: Repeatable crashes

On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 05:23:12 +0300, Valeriy E. Ushakov 
<uwe%ptc.spbu.ru@localhost> wrote:
> I left my Jornada running overnight (nfs root) several times, and each
> morning I'd found that it rebooted.  Quick test shows that what kills
> it is
>     df -hil -t nokernfs,procfs,null,fdesc
> in /etc/daily.  This command usually crashes the machine (it does not
> even drop to ddb) from the frist attempt, though sometimes I have to
> run it several times.  Christos suggested that a huge struct statvfs
> sbuf in sys_statvfs1 may cause kernel stack overflow.  But attempts to
> add debug printfs to sys_statvfs1 makes the bug disappear.
> Any suggestions on how to debug it?  Do you see this on other sh3
> ports?

I'm pretty sure a bunch of us have left our Dreamcasts up for days on
end without this problem. I remember some reboots, but I don't think
they happened lately. But I haven't booted my dreamcast in a while
now, honestly. A few months.


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