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RE: Cross compiling release

Thanks a lot Uwe!! Your way seems much cleaner than mine; I've done now a 
directory called hpcsh under /usr so I can create there tools, obj, release...

I left my computer cross compiling and voilà it worked, but x11 wasn't builded. 
How can I achieve this? I'm taking a look at /usr/src/BUILDING and I think that 
adding "-x -X /usr/src/x11" would work...

Perhaps a cross compiling of X as package and then install it would be a better 

Thanks a lot for the help!


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On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 09:55:19 +0100, 
Pablo.Docampo.Dieguez%sergas.es@localhost wrote:

> Some hints about that? Could this be done with something like this?
> # ./build.sh -T ../tools -O ../obj -m hpcsh -a sh3el release

src/BUILDING explains it all.  -a in the above example is redundant.

I use something like:

./build.sh -m hpcsh \
        -T /usr/nb/tools -R /usr/nb/release \
        -O /usr/nb/obj/hpcsh -D /usr/nb/distrib/hpcsh \

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