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HP Jornada 690 bright/contrast problems

Hi all!

Recently (well, just yesterday!) I've installed NetBSD 2.0 on a HP Jornada 690 
in a 512Mb CF, with Ushakov and Crooks doc "NetBSD And Handheld Platforms" as 
guide (great work!!). Now it boots fine, I can execute my commands and so on...

But I have a problem with bright/contrast. Perhaps it's not blame of NetBSD... 
Anyway: I see perfectly kernel messages (bg blue, fg yellow or so), but I 
almost can't see normal messages (bg black, fg grey, I think). If I modify 
bright and contrast parameters to the max from WinCE before booting NetBSD I 
can see them both well, but perhaps there is some way of modify console config 
to change that colors or change bright/contrast.

I suppose I can compile a new kernel with the right options for doing this, but 
I'd like a "less agressive" option :) I thought I could do this with wsconsctl 
but I couldn't.

Any tip is welcome.


P.D. So sorry about my poor English... :(

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