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re: development

Hi all; Thanks for all the responses on my last post.

Torsten: pkgsrc/jed is excellent; exactly what I wanted.

Uwe: Still saving up to buy the HDD :)

I've just started my course and I'm working on some simple progs to begin with; However, I've run across a problem with one of the textbook examples (C++ code follows).

// quickie prog to convert decimal to hex

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
        int i;
        cout << "Enter decimal number to convert: ";
        cin >> i;
        cout << "0x" << hex << i << " hex.\n";
        return 0;

This code compiles and runs on NetBSD/hpcsh, but segfaults at the point where it should print the hex value to stdout. Same code compiles and runs clean on my FreeBSD/i386 desktop.

Is this indicative of a larger problem, or am I just a noob? :)


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