Subject: Re: kloader in -current
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 07/20/2003 02:32:56
In article <> wrote:

> It seems that kloader is broken in -current for HPCSH (Jornada 680).
> ISTR, it used to be broken at the end of the 2002, then it used to
> work for kernels built around January/February.  Then I had not built
> a new kernel for a while, and when I did (around May), kloader didn't
> work.

I've just tried kloader on dreamcast with today's source.

It seems to work on a kernel compiled by in-tree gcc-2.95.3
but doesn't on a kernel compiled by gcc-3.3.
(I don't track what's wrong, though.)
Izumi Tsutsui