Subject: Re: Ericsson MC16 (SH3)
To: Joel Westerlund <>
From: Christer O. Andersson <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 11/30/2002 11:17:59
If it is to any help at all, I think Ericsson MC16 is a branded 
HP 320lx. I don't know if the HP 320lx is supported, although the 
620lx is. 

Does anybody know if 620lx supports any other keyboard layout than 


Joel Westerlund writes:
 > I'm trying to get the bootloader executable to work on my handheld...
 > But now I'm unsure if my handheld is supported ..
 > It's an Ericsson MC16 with a Hitachi SH3 60mhz RISC cpu on it
 > I have tried many ways with the bootloader now, and all I get is crashes..