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Re: booting netbsd

Enno Lenze wrotes:

>Am Mit, 28 Feb 2001 schrieb ITOU Makoto:
>> Did you select the "Serial console" button in "option" screen of hpcboot?
>> If you selected, all output messages were turned  *to* the serial-port.
>how can i see the messages? I tried tail -f /dev/ttyS0 but i didnt

well, how about /usr/bin/cu,tip  or  kermit by pkgsrc?
I heard they can use as termial-program.

>> If you don't have the cable , boot without selecting the "Serial console".
>>  Tap the "boot" button , wait a minute (few minutes?).
>>  You can see the messages on Jornada's LCD.
>i saw the boot messages, at the end i got the black screen

Was all dots of LCD's turn to black ,and kept ?

My experimence :
WinCE's screen during Tapping and waiting about 250 seconds.
Then turn to black (back-color) and show NetBSD-kernel message of
colored character ,at the same time.

>> BUT,I think that keymap was NOT included the distributed files precompiled.
>how can i get it? (german keymap)

To follow the key-top printed, edit src/sys/dev/dev/hpc/hpckeymap.h (& etc),
compile the kernel and use it .

 (But , already exists the map tagged "Jornada 690 (Japanese)",
  probably you can use it for testing to boot  by choose in hpcboot.
  (Perhaps differ the symbolical keys,though)
  Is it dangerous to hardware? > UCHIYAMA-san )

I'm very very sleepy because of "time differ" , here is 05:30 AM (morning!)
It suspended my brain. Zzz..

ITOU Makoto  aaa44850%pop01.odn.ne.jp@localhost

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