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Re: booting netbsd

UCHIYAMA Yasushi wrote:

> | BUT,I think that keymap was NOT included the distributed files precompiled.
> | 
> | So, I press the enter key to boot singleuser shell,
> | the kernel complaind of "hpckbd: unknown scan code 0x51".
>Jornada 690 (Japanese) keymap only.


Very thanks for you  developping, UCHIYAMA-san !

I can use it by selecting "Jornada 690 (Japanese)" 
on my japanese Jornada680 (Prod # :F1262B ABJ).

By the way,
I think they have no difference  between 680 and 690,
except for RAM size (32MB for 690,16MB for 680).
(but, 680 can ram extending to 32MB by daughter board provided by HP). :-D 

Differences are minor-versions of WinCE kernel and contents of bundle 
 for WinCE on the system ROM ,if exists.

ITOU Makoto  aaa44850%pop01.odn.ne.jp@localhost

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