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Re: booting netbsd

Enno Lenze rote:

>Now i can run hpcboot.
>It looks fine, but at least i get a black screen, an nothing happens
>any more.

I think "You succeed booting the NetBSD's kernel ! "

Did you select the "Serial console" button in "option" screen of hpcboot?
If you selected, all output messages were turned  *to* the serial-port.
You can see the message on 'other machine(desktop, laptop & etc)'
 connected to Jornada by the serial cable .

If you don't have the cable , boot without selecting the "Serial console".
 Tap the "boot" button , wait a minute (few minutes?).
 You can see the messages on Jornada's LCD.

Either Select or not the "Serial console" button,
Jornada's keyboard is accepting of the input.

BUT,I think that keymap was NOT included the distributed files precompiled.

So, I press the enter key to boot singleuser shell,
the kernel complaind of "hpckbd: unknown scan code 0x51".

If you can use serial console, input via the serial, and "reboot" command,too.
On stand-alone boot, I can choose only pushing the hardware reset-switch.

>After a soft-reset all my old data ist lost (like hard reset).
>Whats wrong, or what do i wrong?

Data losting is un-prevent-albe.
The NetBSD-kernel and userland filesystems are loading on Jornada's RAM.
There were persent the WinCE's data,then overwrited,I think.

ITOU Makoto  aaa44850%pop01.odn.ne.jp@localhost

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