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Re: Jordana 680/690 PCMCIA support

itojun wrote:
>>Hello, is Jornada 680/690 PCMCIA and Compact Flash slot supported? Vesa
>       we boot off the CF (using WinCE bootloader), but we do not support it
>       yet from within netbsd.   only peripheral supported is, serial (used
>       for console).

I couldn't make new kernel (nor try it) yet,
because of
>To: source-changes%netbsd.org@localhost
>Committed By:  msaitoh
>Date:          Tue Feb 27 14:05:53 UTC 2001
>Modified Files:
>       syssrc/sys/arch/sh3/conf: build-sh3.eb build-sh3.el
>Log Message:
>modify target name because we can't recommend to use pkgsrc/cross
>(though I'm not the person who did such BAD modification)

But,I'll try to make with new sources,tommorow.

I see the "new" config-file : JORNADA690 .
Do it support the "local" console (Jornada's LCD and Jornada's keyboard),now? 
And it seems to be support PCMCIA-NICs Flash-memories and so on.
Is it true?

ITOU Makoto  aaa44850%pop01.odn.ne.jp@localhost

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